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  • Had been hacked and after asking around got this ‘Silence is golden.’ script attached to my themes/index.php file. Deleted everything out of the index file and it now seems to be running OK

    Went to access my dashboard to force new updates but the dashboard has been all mixed up and is now laid out something like this

    New Post

    New Page

    o Dashboard
    o Updates 1

    Anyway how do I get this back to normal view.

    And secondly, and more importantly, how do I get rid of the ‘silence is golden’ hack on other sites that appear affected. Will a fresh install of WordPress be sufficient? Is it best to do this by ftp or just the normal way?

    I’ve been in contact with my ISP’s help forum and they can pick up this script on some of my blogs:

    <script src=”h..p://”></script>

    replaced the tt bit with .. so as not to make a link. Is this the same or is this something else?

    As always thanks for your help.


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  • It depends if the hack was inserting content into your DB, then a fresh install isn’t likely to help. IF it was just writing stuff to your files, then a fresh install should work.

    quick come back can’t figure out how to update within WP with the dashboard be all mixed up etc – if I’m ftp do I just overwrite all the files, or would that affect what I have on my database?

    you can re-install everything safely except – do not overwrite wp-config.php or wp-content folder
    however, you woould be smart to delete all plugins and themes and re-install them to be safe

    your info in database is safe
    I would download a backup of the database and open the .sql file with notepad and look or search through it for stuff like “eval”, etc.

    Just a little bit more advice.

    I deleted all but the content folder and the config.php file on my hosts site.

    Downloaded a clean copy of WordPress opened it on my desktop before uploading and there was that little ‘silence is golden’ phrase on the content – index.php page. Where is it coming from, how can I kill the b…..d off


    the silence is golden is supposed to be there

    it’s in index.php files in various places, it helps prevent directory browsing

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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