'signup_extra_fields' is not being called (reCapthca plugin problem) (1 post)

  1. vtblogmu
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've been trying to get wp-reCaptcah to play nice with a buddypress/wordpress network setup but I've been having problems getting it to show up on the registration page (i.e. xxx.com/register).

    Looking intot he problem I've found it may be a case of 'signup_extra_fields' not being called.

    I tried creating my own action to hook into 'signup_extra_fields' and found it wasn't executing, odds are this is the reason it doesn't work with recaptcha either.

    This is what I'm doing:

    add_action('signup_extra_fields', array(&$this, 'FunStuff'));

    where FunStuff is a function which does:

    echo 'FUNSTUFF';

    I don't see that text in the registration page. most if not all the other action hooks seems to work fine... any ideas why this one specific action hook won't?

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