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  1. Norris
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Just wanted to notify the staff, that there are some signup issues. I finally managed to sign up. I tried with 2 other emails of mine, but they were "already registered" (couldn't use those emails), but when I tried to login with the username I always use with - WordPress Forum said "Username doesn't exist, register it ?".
    When I tried password recovery - I actually entered the username (that I think I always use with the specific email) and I got a new password to my mail.
    Clearly there is some DB Issue. I hope for a fix soon (and to get my other 2 accounts deleted :) )

  2. What other account IDs did you use?

    Generally this happens when you make an account a long time ago but never finish activating it (happens a lot more than you'd think!).

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