• Hello WordPress expert. I need a help who to add User Role in sign up form In ultimate Member Plugin.

    For Example, I want to build website where a buyer or Seller sign up (like Fiverr, Upwork). When a buyer sign up, In dashboard I see this person sign up as a buyer, or when seller sign up, I see a seller in my dashboard. Who it is Possible?

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  • Plugin Support Aswin Giri


    Hello @abdullah0832

    Yes, it is possible. you can add a ‘Role radio’ or ‘Role Dropdown’ field to your registration form where users can choose which role they want to register as.

    You can also have role-specific profile forms. So, you can have different form fields for both types of users.

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    When ever I choose ‘role radio’ or ‘role dropdown’ field in registration form, it shows only one user on front end. If I add both user in choice, it does show anything. Where I put my Choice to show both of user and select one and the selected one is also added in the backend.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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