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  • Resolved dude


    I don’t get it with these social network platforms that are all bells and whistles and just don’t do what they say on the tin.

    This is my second stab at building a successful site, my first platform was a complete nightmare, and here we go again..promises promises and then your back to square one, a non functional social network.

    These platforms keep highlighting the fact that they are aimed at people ‘that don’t need to know code’, but the bottom line appears to be the have to know code or your’e left high n dry period!

    Once again I’m stuck in forums..up till the small hours trying to figure out how to make the site ‘just work’. Okay the install was great, why can’t it function just as smoothly as the install? I havent messed with things I don’t know about so whats the problem with this software?

    Feel free to test run my sites registry and see for yourself how pants it is just to try and sign up.

    Rant over

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    Many people are using WordPress + plugins to run social networking sites without any problems. So, if there are issues, they are specific to your site(s).

    You didn’t list your URL, so we can’t test it.

    You didn’t tell us what plugins you’re using.

    I’ve deactivated the plugin (Register Plus Redux)

    Many people are using WordPress + plugins to run social networking sites without any problems. So, if there are issues, they are specific to your site(s).

    yeh, and I bet those are the ones who know how to work with code when things don’t work properly!

    ok, having nothing but problems just being able to register a member properly.

    members aren’t receiving their verification emails.
    I’ve spoken with bluehost and even they couldn’t fix the email verification issue, even after walking me through the whole shabbang

    On the verge of looking for social platform 3 at this rate

    rant 2 over

    Step 1) Uninstall the plugin.

    Seriously, scrap it and let’s just look at a plain vanilla WordPress. If emails still aren’t being sent, do YOU get any image sent to you from WP? This could be a server problem.

    Uninstall what plugin? buddypress?

    Well… All of them 🙂 Just for a test.

    Remember, we can’t know what you have on your site. We can’t log in as admins and see what plugins are going on.

    What we don’t know, and what we need to know, is this: Is WordPress, by itself, able to email out signup information?

    mate I don’t mind anyone logging into my admin area if theres a chance of a repair.

    Be my guest and I’ll pm you the info if it helps

    Still wouldn’t help. The only way to sort out what (if any) plugin or config is causing the problem is to remove some possible causes from the picture.

    Debugging WordPress step 1 is to disable plugins. If, when people sign up, they get emails then, you start turning plugins on, one at a time, testing in between each one until it breaks.

    I’ve only got one plugin going, buddypress
    thats it.

    How do I uninstall it ?
    cant find a setting in admin

    Just go in and deactivate it. Turn the plugin off.

    can’t deactivate from within admin so I’m gonna take a stab at a straight delete from cpanel


    just deactivated/deleted buddypress

    tried to register with standard wordpress (theme 2010)

    nada, zilch, niched, no email sent

    Do YOU get emails sent to your account?

    Did you check your spam emails?

    I’ve had the bluehost support on the case and they conclude:

    [quote]The sendmail_path should be set to:
    /usr/bin/sendmail -t -i -f’’

    I have updated this to be correct in your public_html/php.ini file, however it still did not fix the issue with WordPress not sending out email. Based on our email logs, it doesn’t seem like WordPress is even attempting to send out any email. This could indicate a problem with WordPress or one of the plugins that you’re using. I would recommend using the WordPress Support Forums for more help with this issue:

    I’m not getting any emails sent to me@mydomain
    Yes I’ve checked my spam.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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