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  • Well I wouldn’t mind to deactivate the hyperlink to challonge and activate it, when the tournament starts 😉

    but idk where it is ^^

    Well discovered some major mistake. If the user signed up through challonge, the normal wordpress user will get an message if they want to confirm the match

    “Your opponent, , did not sign up through this website. The host or an authorized Challonge user must report the score.”

    Plugin Author zavaboy


    I’m sorry this is causing you problems. I have it in the plans to change this in a future update.

    Meanwhile, if you would like to disable the link in the widget, modify the following lines in class-challonge-widget.php (towards bottom) from:

    $ret .= '<a href="' . $tourny->{ 'full-challonge-url' } . '">'
    							. esc_html( $tourny->name )
    						. '</a><br /><span class="challonge-info">'


    $ret .= esc_html( $tourny->name )
    						. '<br /><span class="challonge-info">'

    I hope this helps you out! 🙂

    Plugin Author zavaboy


    Version 1.1.0 fixes this.


    I see that this has been changed in the latest version. My tournament has around 150+ participants so when you click on the URL now, it just looks like a mess because the lightbox is very small and it’s hard to navigate such a huge bracket.

    In the old version it was easy for me to change the link in the URL for my tournament, but now I don’t see how to do it. Is there a way I can change where the tournament title in the widget links to?

    Plugin Author zavaboy


    In version 1.1.0, you may make the change at lines 314 through 316 in class-challonge-plugin.php:

    $lnk_title_html = '<a href="' . sprintf( $lnk_url, 750, 550 ) . '&lnk_tourny=' . esc_attr( $lnk_tourny )
    			. '&lnk_action=view" class="challonge-tournyid-' . esc_attr( $lnk_tourny ) . ' thickbox" title="' . esc_html( $tourny->name ) . '">'
    			. esc_html( $tourny->name ) . '</a>';

    What can I add to the plugin that will help you with this? Would it help if I made a way to get the titles link to posts and pages? Would it help if I made a way to set custom URLs for certain patterns?

    I can probably best help if you explain exactly what you want it to do and why. You may not be the only person who wants this sort of thing.

    Thanks for following up! 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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