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  • This plugin will add the following features to your wordpress installation.

    * “My Documents” System
    A section to store user uploaded files. Files will be tracked and view/download statistics will be gathered.
    * “Image Galleries” System
    A simple Image Gallery with tabular output.
    * “Online Polls” System
    A simple polling system.
    * “Code Snippets” System
    Used to store PHP code snippets.
    * “Discussion Forums”
    Simple threaded forum system.
    * “Business Directories”
    Create simple category based Business Directories.
    * “WordPress Pages” System
    You ‘publish’ Nodes from my plugin into your wordpress pages using this feature.
    * “Recycle Bin” System
    Never lose your data due to accidental deletion. It also serves as a way to unactivate content.

    The plugin can be downloaded from here:

    And some examples of the features can be found here: (look at the pages)

    -Jon Bardin

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  • Ok… I fell asleep before I made the tarball of the source.

    It should available for download now.

    Could maybe be something I’ve been really looking for…. but I’m getting this error after upload when trying to activate:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /home/netwizar/public_html/wizardry/wp-content/plugins/sig/models/sig.session.php on line 14

    linux server, with php run as a cgi module….

    Do you just install to plugins directory?

    you need to be running PHP5, if possible the latest version.

    yes, just extract the sig.tar.gz file into the plugins folder… it should make a sig folder.

    and you have to install the sig-page-template.php file into your active theme dir.

    Okay, guess I’ll just install it on my local server until my host upgrades php.


    Version 0.0.3 has been released.

    It has all of the above features, PLUS a new Event Calendar feature. There has also been a couple bugfixes and what not. If your interested in any of these features please contact me. I am very interested in feedback regarding this project.

    Calendar Demo:

    Scope out for more details

    I love the idea but the plugin’s output still looks very crufty. I’m not a fan of all those tables either. This could grow into something awesome though. How about adding some Ajax as well?

    Tables for the Calendar/Event System are an unfortunate necessity… I have investigated div+css calendars, and they seem like too much hassle to work with. Also with a div+css calendar display, it falls back to a plain listing rather than a pain ugly table.

    I do however plan on replacing the Image Gallery output with something div+css related, and there is plans in the works for a ‘sidebar’ type feature and post+image integration.

    Ajax is nice and all, but IMHO it is a bit over rated. It is just too much hassle to support Ajax, while at the same time support non-javascript enabled users. That being said, there is Ajax drag+drop reordering of content in the admin menu… you will have to install the plugin to see that ;). Any further Ajaxification will be strictly to enhance the interface (like the drag+drop reordering) and not integral to the operation of the plugin (if you disable css, and javascript, you can still reorder content… albiet in a crufty manner).

    Calendars are basically what tables should be used for instead of layout. No one ever complains about calendars, spreadsheets, etc. in tables. That’s just silly. They’re TABULAR DATA, after all….

    I really wish I could use this on my sites, but since my host hasn’t upgraded php yet…. *sigh*

    It is able to run in PHP4, the only thing is you have to find all the places I dereferenced a variable from a method call… i.e.

    I use this syntax


    you would have to replace that with…

    $instance = SiG_Session::Instance();

    And maybe rework some of my singleton patterns into something more PHP4 friendly. Other than that its use of PHP5 is pretty limited.

    PHP4 is old and busted anyhow 😉

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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