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  • I downloaded David Chait’s excellent cg-flashytitles plugin today and got it to work – it’s set to replace <h2> in the post <div>… but for some reason, all the Flash-rendered font-sizes aren’t exactly the same, and it’s adding in strange padding in random places.

    I uploaded a screenshot. The glaring white space (an example of what’s happening randomly) is highlighted by the red arrow:

    I left all the default values in the cg-flashytitles admin the same, and have the CSS set as follows:

    .post h2 {
    font-size: 20px;

    Am I missing something? Is there more CSS styling needed to get these titles to be all the same size? Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • I responded offline on this, but thought the basic answer would be of use to others.

    sIFR2 (which the original FT uses) is built upon trying to fit the sifr font to the size of the original font. So if you don’t pick the original font carefully (or tweak the sifr settings!), the lines won’t fit the same.

    In this case, the new font is much narrower than the original, so where the original might take three lines, the sifr font only needs two — and leaves the third line blank.

    Such is sIFR2.

    Enter sIFR3 — redesigned significantly to do more ‘accounting’ of space, and resize things when it can to fit best. I’ve got CG-FlashyTitles 3 in alpha (or beta, depending on when I’m writing!) right now, using sIFR3, and it does resolve many of the space fitting issues people have run into — thanks to the hard work of the ‘new guy’ developing sIFR3. My work is the easy part. 😉


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