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  • I’ve seen this on, and it’s a neat idea.
    The only problem is, he’s using MovableType. Would it be possible to implement this in WP, maybe as a hack or plugin?
    I know a mediocre amount of PHP/MySQL, but I’m not exactly a master at it.

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  • I think he’s using an include… because I know that in mt you can have multiple blogs, only one can be on each page though.

    Search the forums. I’ve seen this topic more than once before. There’s a way of doing this with WP + RSS.

    Yes, you can use something like CG-Feedread to pull in a feed in the sidebar.
    You can also use the new multiple-post-loops stuff to do approximately the same thing (debateable whether it’s easier or harder, more or less control… 😉 ).

    I’ve found a few results in the forum search, but none are that helpful. Hiding a certain category from the front page doesn’t look too difficult, but how do i go about hiding the link to the category?

    charle: please write it 🙁

    I’m not entirely sure, but it looks like he basically has a second blog set up. I guess it could in fact just be a category.
    On CHAITGEAR I added a cat_status field to categories (so I could mark them as hidden) and updated list_cats to exclude hidden cats. This is actually part of the ‘static pages’ hack for the site too…
    At the least, you can certainly exclude that cat from your homepage, sideblog it whenever you aren’t viewing that cat, and it happens to still show up in the cats list… Not too shabby, all doable today, no core code changes necessary…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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