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  1. Sivar
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I have 6 categories on my index page, each displayed within a different sidebar (ignore the 3 additional sidebars below). They are implemented as sideblog-widgets, so their widget-titles are the category-titles and their widget-content is the latest posts in the specified category. Check out for yourselves: http://hidden-area.de/

    It's in German, but no worries, hopefully you'll figure out what I want *g*...
    See the "Archiv"-link in the bottom of every category-sidebar? Now, what I want is to make the widget-titles (i.e. "Kreatives vom Campus", the ones with the colored background) into links, leading to the same targets as the "Archiv"-links do. How can I accomplish that?


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