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  1. rubytuesday
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi all, I'm using Sideblog and I'd just like to absolutely clear that the options below are all we have for modifying the Sideblog's formatting. Someone has previously asked whether <!--more--> works, which was never resolved. I'd also like to know whether Kates or some other clever person has sorted a way of simply limiting the Sideblog excerpt length to the first paragraph of the post itself. Thank you!

    Display Format Tags

    * %title%
    * %title_url%
    * %content%
    * %permalink%
    * %postdate%
    * %postdate_url%
    * %excerpt%
    * %excerpt_<length>% - e.g. %excerpt_200% (will cut after 200 words)
    * PHP Date Format - e.g. %m%/%d%/%Y% - 08-11-2006

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