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  • I’ve been looking for days, and have yet to find, a theme that has widget-enabled sidebars only. For the past few months I’ve found myself not posting to my blog, simply updating twitter, uploading to twitpic and flickr. So I figured, why not make a blog that had like four columns, all sidebars.. flickr, twitter,, and links.

    Anyone know of a theme that can fulfill this list, or am I gonna have to modify some other theme?

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  • Never used it myself, but try this guy’s theme:

    Not quite what i’m looking for. I want ONLY sidebars, in a column form, in the middle of the page. Perhaps even the user could set the number of sidebars.


    I know I’ve seen a lot of people theme their own WPs to have multiple sidebars, but I don’t think I’ve personally seen a public theme released that featured that specifically.

    But I’ve definitely seen a lot of articles on how-to do it and I’ll link you:



    Sorry I couldn’t point you to any public themes in particular.

    Ya, I know how to create sidebars, i’ve widgetized a couple blogs for myself, i’m just trying to avoid creating a whole theme from scratch. Might not have a choice. Maybe i’ll publicize it when I do.

    Thanks for the effort. If anyone else has any input, please chime in.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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