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  • Hi. I love this theme but I would like to have info appear to the side as well possibly and although I can pull widgets into the sidebar, they all show below. Is there something I do not know about this? Am I making the page too narrow to really have a sidebar or, or something else, is this a theme that one has to add a plugin to have a sidebar for? Thanks very much!

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  • Hi Vonfenneberg, can you please post the link of your page.

    Moreover, to make changes in the theme, you need to create the Child Theme.

    Hi! Well both of my sites have this theme but the brand new one that is still under construction is here what I mean by sidebar is that some people can put little things to the left or right such as menus or video thumbnails and that is what I mean. I am not sure if I am using the correct terminology! Ok. I shall look at that link. Thank you!

    Hi Vonfenneberg, I understand what you want to say. Yes, that is sidebar.

    And the things you want to put in sidebars like videos or other stuff, that you can do by using widgets.

    All these things are be default there. You actually do not need to know any codes or programming for that. Neither, you dont need to alter any basic things. Just go to the ‘Dashboard’ and see what option does what.

    Moreover, there are lots of tutorial out there; just google some basic search, you will find a very good resource is out there, even in youtube.

    Hi! Well it does have a sidebar area one can put widgets into, but when I do this and configure them, it does not show them on the side but at the bottom.

    Well, I’m afraid, you still didn’t understand my previous points. This is something you want to see an Apple in the Mango tree.

    The theme you are using, by default, it has no sidebars. Its a full width theme. The change you are asking needs some more knowledge than basic.

    One thing you can do, search theme by filtering that support sidebars. Then change the theme and your problem will be solved.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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