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  • Here is an example:

    I’ve tried to find where the problem lies (with my limited knowledge) but I’ve hit a dead end. Can someone point me in the right direction? I tried a clean reinstall of the theme, but that didnt change so I am guessing I’ll need to fix somewhere else?

    I am currently using a child theme of Mystique, but the problem is still there when I activate the parent theme also.

    It’s working everywhere else apart from category and post pages. Ive chosen to have two side bars either side of the content. This should apply globally, and used to, but does not anymore.

    The problem popped up when I activated a different theme to see how it looked. I deactivated that and deleted it quite soon, and reverted back to my current theme to find the sidebars on category and posts broken.

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  • This is quite weird, it seems you have a plugin that’s removing the layout type CSS class added by the theme on the body tag 🙂

    The theme hook looks like it’s working because I see other theme classes, but not that one. Can you disable all plugins, then enable them back one by one to see if a plugin is doing this?

    Hey digitalnature – nice to meet you! I really like your theme, thank you and great job!

    I tried deactivating all plugins before asking this question, but it didnt fix the issue. Even with all plugins deactivated, I still got this problem using both Mystique and my child theme (which hasnt got many changes anyway).

    I’m quite stumped!

    I have activated the main Mystique theme now (rather than my child theme), and deactivated all plugins for now and leaving them that way incase anyone can help more. The issue is still there on posts and category pages. It’s a bit of a bother, because I was loving that theme!

    Check the column dimensions settings in the design options for each layout type. Maybe your previous theme removed the records?

    Or reset the theme settings, as a last resort…

    I had checked the dimension settings before, but that didn’t help either.

    I just reset the theme settings (using the ‘Reset options to defaults’ button) but the problem is still there (as you can see on the link I posted). Widgets at the bottom of the post pages and categories, and no side bars. Yet, still working on the main page and other pages.

    Anymore ideas, or have I magically broken the internet (perfectly possible, with my track record)? Could the problem be elsewhere, and not in the Mystique theme files?

    Unless you changed them, no.
    You say this started happening after you switched to a different theme – can you post a link to that theme so we can test it?

    Of course.
    The free download, of course. I noticed the problem after coming back to Mystique after checking out this theme.

    I also installed this plugin today:
    But straight from the WordPress dashboard Plugin search and install. However, this has been deactivated while I tried to solve the category and post page problem, and still is deactivated. However, I’ll link it just incase – This is the only plugin I have installed today. All other plugins were installed before today and things were fine.

    Just going to point out that even completely deleting and completely freshly replacing wp_content didnt help the issue. The post and category problem is still there with the Mystique theme. I dont have any plug ins or anything. It was not always like this. Something has gone crazy.

    Looks like I’m starting from scratch and unfortunately cannot use the Mystique theme for now.

    Edit: replacing wp_includes didnt help either. I really have broken the internet..

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