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    Hello. I just set up a new site and installed the Swift theme. Everything is fine except that the sidebars don’t show up. I’ve tried various things like changing the layout options. I have a text widget with nothing but text in it in Narrow SB Left and a Calender widget in Wide SB Top.

    This site is obviously under development…

    Any ideas?


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  • Michael


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    i checked the html code in the browser, and the html of the sidebar was there.

    it seem to be a ‘one in a million chance’ conflict with shadowbox:

    this style from /wp-content/plugins/cool-video-gallery/cvg-player/shadowbox.css:


    conflict with <div id="sb-container"> from sidebar.php:

    </div><!--/right container-->
    <div id="sb-container">
    	<div class="wide-sidebar">

    Awesome thanks. I deleted the plugin and that fixed it. I was planning to replace that plugin anyway because so far every video I have tried to upload has failed.

    Hi Jonas Grumby,

    May I Know what sort of issue you came across with video playing.


    Apparently there is a DIV ID #sb-container in both the plugin and the theme. As far as the uploads failing, I don’t know. I am now using a different plugin that lets you upload via FTP and specify the path.


    I just tried this and I’m able to play the your video file from with this plugin perfectly.


    You can use the Scan Gallery Folder from Gallery Details page after uploading via FTP.


    About the DIV ID #sb-container, that comes along with the Shadowbox package. I guess then only either one will work.


    This is happening again. Here is the live URL…


    Sorry I didn’t follow the thread from the beginning. But it appears as thought there is an image trying to be displayed with an incorrect source url.

    that was it, thanks. I must be getting tired…


    Is the plugin activated now? I guess not. So this is no longer the plugin issue i hope.

    And with the image issue the above reply answers it 🙂


    This is with the Simple Flash Video plugin. Thanks.

    Hi, Im having the same issue. I have WP 3.14 and using Swift theme. After I installed the plugin the sidebar disappeared. According to alchymyth in the post above, there is a conflict with shadowbox:

    Is there any possible way to fix this Praveen R?
    any suggestions anyone?


    Hi @danmont. It seems to me that you could edit the video plugin to replace all occurrences of sb-container (in the css & php files) with your own unique ID. Then you would not have the conflict. A good editing program will let you do “advanced search & replace” so you could do all of the files simultaneously and then upload via FTP. Of course make a backup first. HTH.

    Hello, I am having the same problem, suddenly no sidebar, except I’m not using that plugin. The site, in development, is here:

    I’m using a righthand sidebar layout with everything in Wide SB Top. The widgets sitting there are events manager, recent posts and links. These were working fine a few days ago.

    Can anyone advise?

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