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    I recently updated Customizr and now the sidebars on my Customizr pages are no longer appearing. It’s not just my child them because I activated the parent theme and they still don’t appear. However when I activate the TwentyTwelve theme, the DO appear. So, it seems to be an issue with the parent theme.

    I’ve also deactivated all my plugins, but the issue remains. Has anyone else run into this problem since updating to 3.0.10?

    One other thing to mention, when I changed the template to “two sidebars”, the main content gets pushed over to the far left of the page as if the two sidebars were lined up on the right side of the page if they were to display properly.

    Here’s a link to my About page which is supposed to have a sidebar.

    Thanx in advance for any help someone might have for this issue.

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  • What happens if you delete the page and recreate it? (Emptying the trash so you can use the same slug.)

    I tried creating a new page, but when I previewed it there was still no sidebar. 🙁 It just doesn’t make sense why they would disappear after that update, yet this appear when using the WP base themes. This is starting to get frustrating.

    OK, if deactivating plugins didn’t work, you now need to start “deactivating” your own phps. (Your own phps will have no impact on twentytwelve, but will impact Customizr significantly—that’s why you wrote them.) Does that bring them back?


    I removed all the php files from my child theme but the sidebars are still gone. I didn’t think this would fix the problem since they don’t appear even when I activate the parent theme.

    So now I’m beyond stumped. The only other thing I can think of is that I installed the ver3.0.10 update via my dashboard and not from the downloaded file which I had done on previous installs. But I can’t see how that would be the cause of this problem.

    Hopefully, Nikeo might chime in and know a solution to this.

    Thanx for looking out and helping me to try and work through this major problem.

    When you created the custom template for this page, you modified index.php from an older version to build it, but you need to use index.php from 3.0.10 or later. Until than, select default page layout and you’ll have the sidebars back.

    Wish that was the case but I didn’t use a custom template for this page. It’s just the right sidebar page which I have set as the default layout.

    Oddly enough however, the sidebars in my woocommerce pages appear just as they should.

    I’m talking about the page template that you select from #pageparentdiv. If you don’t see #pageparentdiv open Screen Options and select “Page Attributes”. You selected a template called “Custom Page Example”. Initially i thought you copied it from you theme before the update, made some mods you forgot about. And now it’s not updated to the new file structure…

    But actually, I just tested the template in my installation and it’s obsolete. It hasn’t been updated to the new file structure, hence, your error. Just use default page template and you get your sidebars back.

    @nikeo: that custom-page.php needs an update. Others will have this problem too.

    Thank you for your reply @acub. I think you might be on to something. I forgot to check the page attributes and you are correct, I had the custom page template selected. However, the custom-page.php file from 3.0.9 that I was using was an exact copy of the index.php page so I didn’t think it was having any affect on my pages.

    I did go ahead and change the template to the default template and it did have an affect, just not the one I was hoping. When I switch to the default template all of my main content disappears all together. In other words, all that displays on the page is the header, footer, and page title.

    Now, this was the first problem I noticed when I first updated to ver3.0.10. All the main content disappeared. To try and find the solution I removed all my php files from my child theme and then added them back one by one. I discovered that the old class-fire-utils.php was screwing things up. Once I removed that from my theme the main content showed up again except for the sidebars.

    I’m going to go ahead and remove all the php files now that I have my page set to the default template and see if there might be another php file keeping my sidebars from displaying and I’ll let you know what happens.

    Thanx again.

    Okay, I realized my database wasn’t updated when I copied the parent index.php, renamed it to custom-page.php and added it to my child theme. So I changed the template to default template again and the main content showed up again. However the sidebar is still missing.

    I activated the parent theme to see if the sidebar would show up after changing the template to the default template but the sidebar is still not there even in the parent theme. So, that would indicate a problem with the parent theme, not just my child.

    I also deleted all the php files from my child theme but unfortunately that made no difference as well.

    Your sidebars show now, but you have selected the right sidebar for this page, and it’s empty. Get your page to display with left bar and, if it has content, it will be rendered.

    That is weird. When I looked the other day to make sure there were widgets in the right sidebar there still were. I haven’t done anything that would remove that data from my database. Oh well.

    Thank you so much for your help @acub. Now I can continue on and finish this site.

    Please mark as resolved.

    Oops. Sorry forgot to do that.

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