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  • I asked Alex how to remove the “Follow” and “More” from my web page. He was kind enough to tell me:
    “In sidebar.php you can remove the text manually where it says “Follow:”, or, you can remove the whole sidebar-top section to get rid of the colored red bar completely.”

    I went to the sidebar.php file. I removed the word “Follow”. When I checked the results … the word “Follow” was gone but the word “Hueman” was in its place! Couldn’t find the word Hueman anywhere in the sidebar.php! Didn’t know what to do.

    So I said “what the hell” … I’ll just remove the whole red bar that contained “Follow” and now “Hueman.” I thought I did it right per Alex’s instructions and when I looked … the red bar was gone – BUT … now ALL my sidebars on every page of my web site are gone and I can’t get them back !!!
    I’ve checked everything in the Theme and WordPress Admin settings and can’t find anything that would indicate why I lost all the sidebars.

    Obviously I have screwed something up. I am so frustrated and scared. I need to get this working again and have no idea what to do. Also would like to do the newest upgrade but need to solve this problem first.

    Can anyone help or at least tell me how get back to how things were before I messed with any of it. In case you haven’t figured it out …. I am a complete rookie with this web business !!

    My website is:
    Forever grateful !!

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  • Hopefully, this helps. Is what I did.

    First of upload an original copy of sidebar.php or any files you may have changed from Hueman theme with no changes if all else failes just upload whole theme. Make sure everything works still. After you have established everything is working.Go ahead and try this.

    These files are all in main directory of the Hueman Theme.

    To remove more

    1.In sidebar.php
    -Remove all of line 14
    <p><?php _e(‘Follow:’,’hueman’); ?></p>

    -save, upload and overwrite

    2. In Hueman/style.css
    -Remove line 321
    .sidebar-top { padding: 15px 30px; }

    – save, upload and overwrite

    3. To remove Follow
    – Remove lines 9,10 and 11.
    <div class=”sidebar-top group”>
    <p><?php _e(‘More’,’hueman’); ?></p>

    – save,upload and overwrite.

    Thats it
    Hope it works

    3 step is in sidebar-2.php was in a hurry and not paying attention

    Thank you so much.
    I will try these things right now !!

    ooops hahaha, I just realized as well Step 1 and 2, are to remove “follow”. Step 3 to remove “More” lol Sorry. Hopefully you caught that.

    Now remember that is to change the main files , its a little different if you are using a child theme, which you should be doing anyway. Just so you don’t mess with the main theme files.

    Hi there!

    So, either you would remove this in sidebar.php:

    <p><?php _e('Follow:','hueman'); ?></p>

    But that would still leave an empty colored square at the top of the sidebar. So, you could remove this to get rid of the whole section:

    <div class="sidebar-top group">
    	<p><?php _e('Follow:','hueman'); ?></p>
    	<?php alx_social_links() ; ?>

    It should not affect the sidebar functionality below, so I think you may have removed some more code than that 🙂

    The same edit would apply for “More” in sidebar-2.php if you use that.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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