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    I updated my blog to 2.2.1 and installed the Tiga theme with no problems, or at least none that I couldn’t find the answer to here.

    Now, I’m doing the same for another site. Everything is working fine except the sidebars. I’ve placed the widgets in both sidebars in the Presentation-Widget tab, but they aren’t showing up. The default sidebar contents are showing instead. The required plug-ins are activated.

    Could this be caused by the upgrade? Should I redo it?

    Are there any other reasons why a theme would accept all updates to the style sheet and everything else, but refuse to display the widgets placed in the sidebars?

    Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks!

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  • I just tried a couple other themes, and they do show the widgets like MyBlogLog.

    So, maybe it’s something to do with the Tiga theme?

    If looking at the site would help, it’s at


    Thanks again.

    Should I redo it?

    Not if you expect anything to change.

    I don’t see anything resembling a blog at much less wordpress related, much less anything like your problems. Crap! Has the real estate market in LA tanked so bad they spam support forums with questions only people can answer. Just, to get a hit.

    Site looks fine. Useless to me and I can’t find a trace of wordpress but all the dropping of spammer. Maybe the moderater can block the account ( and the ISP/IP it came from).

    I know I’m new to the support forums but I’ve seen ignorant and I’ve seen dumb and I’ve seen cheap (near to my heart) and this one one is “I don’t care about any of that or any of you, just click”.


    You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s very late where I am – I was trying to get this done while no one would be looking at the site.

    Excuse me for not providing the correct URL


    If you have a fix for this, I’d be delighted to hear it.

    besides that, ecoupe, if I just wanted a hit for the staging site, I would have made the link live.


    It’s not ecoupe. It’s ccoupe ;^) and I”m happy to be wrong if our direction is forward. That bad link: Jeez, the latest? it’s still bad. A loose space, %20 in there. and both broken in the Forum. Just how hard do I have to work to find the page to look at to help with your problem?

    Coy doesn’t help anyone. Wrong url’s confuse. That was the pattern I saw when I clicked. Sorry, i read between the lines and assumed you were another “increase cash flow with fixed assets real estate” drone.

    Your blog seems to be working in your choice of themes, (the link above still isn’t right for a forum link ) but it’s a 3 column blog theme Why you can’t you copy to the other site?. Maybe because your desire for a big secret splash prevents anyone from helping since we don’t know shit about the go or came from?. Damn tech weenies. Always want the details.

    There’s a butt load of why reasons it could fail.

    Kathleen the bit that concerns me is *required plugins are activated*.
    Widgets are now in built into WP. No plugins are needed. You should deactivate any widget plugins and then proceed as usual. HTH.

    ccoupe – at 3am, I wasn’t really concerned about spelling your name right. I don’t usually put live links in this forum. If that irritates you so, I would suggest that you just move on rather than flaming.

    However, between you and Root, I fixed the problem. I deactivated the plug-ins related to widgets and copied the tiga folder from my own site which was working fine, and put it on the staging folder on the server.

    I have no idea why that worked because it’s all the same stuff, but at least it’s working.

    ccoupe, the site wasn’t working properly when you last posted. If you want to see what it’s supposed to look like with the widgets in place, visit

    Hopefully, you are pleased with that link.

    Thanks, Root. And thanks to you, too ccoupe. Sortof.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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