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  • My site is and my theme is X-Mark. The theme has two sidebars to the right of the posts.

    If you go to the general link for the site, it comes up with the main column of posts and a single sidebar. You can also see a small piece of code /div> near the top of where the right sidebar should be. The right sidebar has collapsed into the left one.

    If you click one of the posts, or come into the site from a link to a post, the site looks fine, just the way it is supposed to. It has the two sidebars and the right sidebar information is back over and you can see the materials in the left sidebar.

    Can anyone help?

    Bill Dupray

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  • Hi Bill,

    Perhaps your site meter icon is causing the break. Are you able to look at the code and check whether all of your tags are properly nested and have closing tags?

    Sometimes when you forget to close a tag it can cause a problem like this.


    I’ll take a look and let you know. Thanks


    This is what Sitemeter says to do.

    1. Select the HTML code in the box (below) with your mouse.
    2. Copy it to the clipboard.
    (Press the CTRL key and the letter C at the same time.)
    3. Login to WordPress.
    4. Click on the Presentations tab.
    5. Click on the Theme Editor tab.
    6. In the dropdown list at the top of the page, select the theme you want to add Site Meter.
    7. Click on the Sidebar Template theme file from the list on the right side of the page.
    8. Paste the Site Meter HTML before the closing </div> tag at the bottom of that template.
    (Put the cursor in the field and then press the CTRL key and the letter V at the same time.).
    9. Press the Update File button and Site Meter should showup on the pages of your weblog in the side bar.

    When I first installed the Sitemeter I followed those instructions and it worked. In fact, Sitemeter still works, but when I tried to verify that the complete line of code was there, I did not find the code (or any Sitemeter code) I originally pasted in the Sidebar template .

    I did upgrade to the latest WP version and in retrospect, that seems to be when the glitch arose, though I can’t be sure.

    Silly question, but might I have an extra /div> floating around in there that I can delete?

    If I still have stats, I assume the code has to be in there somewhere, but I looked in every template and did not find it.


    Actually the reason I thought it’s your site meter is because you don’t only have the /div>, but you also have a < (opening bracket) before the site meter code. Did you see that?

    I saw it but still can’t find the code in the template. The odd thing is that the problem seems to have resolved itself. I now see both sidebars whether I am on the front page or looking at a single post. Did you do that?

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to help.


    Haha! That’s great. Yes I did it with my mind control. 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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