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  • The following is an excerpt of the transcripts i sent to designer of the theme-thinkin that might be the problem.
    i am using flexibility 2 and for some reason when I view a particular post in mozilla- my blog looks fine. But when i chooose VISIT SITE – all my sidebars are at the bottom of the page and the previous post expand in width. Pretty sure i messed this up somehow-what can i do to fix it ? i know you’re busy but my blog looks terrible at the moment and am embarassed to send anyone there.

    Looks like the problem is with your latest Kevin Spacey post. I think you probably got some extra code in the post, most likely an extra </div> tag. That’s causing the post wrap div to close prematurely, and the rest of the posts on the page to be all messed up, along with the sidebar. Just open your post in HTML mode and look for any extra tags that should not be there.
    Stil not working tho

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    if you post a link to your site, someone might have a chance to look at your problem.

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