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  • After I added a background image, I lost my sidebars, which I use for paid ads. Also, after setting the theme, my old posts where not showing, they give a 404 error. They were in my WP, just not showing to the public. I activated them into the menu, which should work in a widget at least, but still wasn’t working. Now, After I made it work, somehow, some images are not showing, and my main page is 404 error. All plugins but security ones are deactivated. The sidebars showed when Jetpack was active, but they showed inside the text are when I wanted them outside the text area. I spent tons of hours created an amazing website and now can’t use it.
    What’s going on?
    This is my web address
    Can someone help me?

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  • esmi


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    I then changed to my blue construction trying to fix the 404 error in my homepage URL. But all my current troubles started with Mantra Sir.
    I perfectly wrote it, is clear, I was using Mantra, first had no sidebars and my old post where not showing, then my old post where showing but my main page disspeared and I started receiving the 404 error in my URL. My Presentation Page was enabled an d all the info, images and links where there. Now, changed theme and still have 404 on URL, which my hostin g provider is working on because if it happens with every theme, is server related, however, When using Mantra, I have no sidebars and if had any, they where in the center are. I wanted my sidebars outside of the center.

    Though I posted it here now, it was posted in the wordpress site at 3AM, I found out now it was in the incorrect site. I like the way the theme evolved when I customized it, so would like to reinstall it but want to have the sidebars working outside of center and in every page.

    esmi, my problem is with the Mantra theme, has nothing to do with my blue construction, the my blue contruction has a different issue so this wasn’t post to two themes, it was posted to one theme. MANTRA.

    And my problem with the other theme was that it wasn’t left sidebar ready, exact reason why I changed to this theme, as per moderator advise, I searched and choosed this theme which is GPL. If you read what he wrote, he said my problem was that. Are you into helping me or do I need to use a theme where I could find support?



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    So which theme are you currently using?

    I have now Twenty Eleven as suggested by someone so My site stays up until the hosting co resolves the server connection issue to my URL. However, I want to reinstall the Mantra, once that is resolved, and be able to use my sidebars, which gave me issue. Besides this, all this disconnect to URL issue started after I finished customizing Mantra, and, specifically, when my old posts started showing. So basically, I’m asking for help so when I install the theme, I do not have to do this again. 🙂
    Whichever scripting required, I can save it to use it later, so, if the theme is active or not shouldn’t be an issue now. And with My Blue Construction, well, my hosting advised me to use a default WP theme for now. Looks horrible but what can I do?

    Since no help provided, I will find a new theme once m y issue is resolved. There’s no point on it if can’t find help.

    Hello Again, I have reinstalled the Mantra theme in child version. Can I please get help now? I have issues with the header and sidebars in the child theme now. Sidebars is inherited but now, can add a header since I keep making it smaller but when I add the header aand it’s time to crop, it crops to half the size and doesn’t let me choose the whole width of the header.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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