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  1. efbatey
    Posted 8 years ago #

    In header.php (default) I added a "Bottom" of page link to the footer; it worked.

    I modified sidebar.php, this snipp

    < li >< h2 >Meta< a name="Menu"> Menu < /a >< /h2 >

    ONLY the li h2 Meta ... continues to appear in the View_Page_Source. I did reinit the Presentation-Widgets, still no joy. IDEAS ???

    Example, Found here

  2. mrfrazzlebottom
    Posted 7 years ago #

    (7 months no reply, but....)

    Maybe it is related to the <a name="here"> translation that WP confounding wants to do in posts and pages. I.e., I enter

    <a name="1"><h2>One</h2></a>

    and WP displays:

    <p><a name="1"><br />
    </a></p><h2><a name="1">One</a></h2>

    This is totally wrong for WP to do and I mention it to document this behavior as well as mentioning that it may be related to what you wrote.

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