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    I have moved my blog from to Yahoo Hosting (which supports WP 2.1). However, when I tried to install the sidebar widget plugin, it just did not work.
    I am a n00b and my knowledge of coding is perilously close to zero.
    I followed these instructions and it did not work. I even tried the following things:
    1. Putting the WP 2.0 files (scriptaculous only) along with the wp 2.1 widgets.php file and
    2. Installing the wp 2.0 sidebar widget plugin.
    3. Installing the wp 2.1 widgets.php in the larger subdirectory .

    None of this has worked. Could somebody help me with this, please?

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  • Does the theme that you’re using support widgets?

    Widgetizing Themes

    Yes. I have shifted to Kubrick.

    I use Yahoo Webhosting and the sidebar widget works great for me…. id say make sure you uploaded all the files correctly

    Thanks for your responses…was unwell, could not reply.

    @ loadingreality:
    I have done the following uploads, as per the readme.txt
    given here.

    1. downloaded the wp 2.1 files.

    2. Uploaded them in the following folder path (copied from the readme.txt) (Note: done using Yahoo’s file manager interface):

    – wp-content
    – plugins
    – widgets
    | delicious.php
    | gsearch.php
    | rss.png
    | widgets.php

    Since the other two sets of files (classic and default)are optional, have not loaded both, however, have loaded the .phps in themes\default.

    3. Went to the plugins page within wordpress 2.1 interface and activated sidebar widgets, google search widget and delicious widget.

    The problem is, I do not see the sidebar widget option under presentation tab in wordpress 2.1. The theme, as I said earlier, is kubrick.

    could you please help with this? Am I doing something wrong here? I am using the latest edition of firefox…have tried using IE7 and the latest version of opera as on win XP.
    Thanks again…

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The problem is, I do not see the sidebar widget option under presentation tab in wordpress 2.1. The theme, as I said earlier, is kubrick.

    For this tab to show up at all, you must:
    a) Have installed and activated the plugin, and
    b) Be using a widget capable theme.

    The default and classic themes that come with WordPress are *not* widget capable. The widgets plugin comes with replacement themes for these two which are widget capable. So replace your theme with the ones from the widgets zip file, and then it should work okay.

    @ Otto42

    One thing leads to another 🙂
    Thanks a lot for the tip. Now, I can see the sidebar widgets option.But when I click on it, there is no response. More specifically, a blank page opens, with the browser succinctly saying ‘done’. Effectively, it’s still not working…what could be the reason for that?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Well, firstly, make sure you have removed all the above listed stuff that you said you did, like all the extra javascript and such. WordPress 2.1 has all the javascript already built in, you don’t need any extra.

    Then, verify that your widgets.php is a) Correct, and b) Located in plugins/widgets/widgets.php.

    Failing that, not sure what to do next. I’ve never encountered any serious problems installing widgets. It generally only takes about 30 seconds. So all my knowledge of widgets issues are second hand, from helping people who never read the instructions.

    Thanks again…have solved it for now…more of an ID:10T error..(Sheepish grin)
    WP had endorsed Yahoo for supporting WP 2.1. Let me just say, it doesn’t. It’s still WP 2.0x.

    Grateful for your support…Cheers!

    I realize this is an old thread, but could Nandan post what exactly he did to fix this? I have the same exact problem where I see the Sidebar Widgets option in “Presentation”, but when I click it, the browser goes blank. What exactly was the user error?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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