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  • Hello!

    I’m loving your great plugin. My website isn’t active yet, but I’m working hard on the design and can’t wait to get it launched soon.

    With your plugin I’ve created one photo gallery to display on its own page. Whenever I add a new photo, it will appear as the first photo on the gallery page, and also as a single photo in the sidebar widget.

    The hurdle I’ve encountered, though, is how to configure the width and height of the sidebar photo so that it doesn’t get distorted. I know I want the photo to be the full-width of the sidebar (less some padding and a border). The sidebar widget lets me choose the standard display size, but how do I accomplish this without any distortion?

    Some photos are going to be uploaded at different sizes, so wouldn’t a standard width and height that I input via the widget distort some of my photos? Also, how can I treat this single sidebar photo as a thumbnail? For some of them I might want to select just part of the photo to be visible, like I’m able to do with the gallery. How would I accomplish this with the sidebar photo?

    I hope what I’m asking makes sense. Thank you!

    Moose :o)

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  • I just wanted to give this a little bump. Thank you kindly.

    Using “Edit Thumb” on the edit gallery page, you can select the portion of the image to use for a thumb. Nextgen creates thumb sized based on the settings in the options section. You can also edit the thumbnail size per gallery or per image afterwards.

    Basically, make your widget display thumbnails (its an option) and set its size equal to your thumbnails (at the very least use the same ratio of height to width).

    Then, for images that do not conform to your selected ratio, use edit thumb if it cropped out the important parts.

    The widget will display your thumbnails as you have created them and edited them in your edit gallery page.

    You can run into the problem (I know I have) with a really “skinny” image, which won’t give you the ability to select a proper thumbnail. In that case, edit the image in your favorite program and add some space around the image so it is the proper size. Its not the best solution, but it works. The space could be the background color of your blog, or you can get fancy and try to do transparency.

    I think that was a horribly explanation, let me know if it makes sense ^_^.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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