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  • Resolved smokinmags


    The sidebar in our blog is under the main content. How do I get it back to the side?

    blog is

    Has occoured since last post

    Have looked at other posts in the forum and the <div /> looks correct (Though I may be wrong). Any other suggestions.

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  • looks fine to me in IE and FF.

    You seriously might want to consider limiting how many posts are on the index page or something. It’s taking forever to load for me on a crap dialup..

    As for the sidebar, the links in it are screwy looking, and you do appear to have a misplaced </div> some where. I couldn’t really find it, or any possible problem really because I gave up on it. Was taking too long to load..sorry.

    Also, you might have hidden lengthy URLs, and maybe even check your post’s for div tags, and other tags. That might also be screwing it up.. Hopefully someone with a faster internet connection will stop by soon…might find it quicker..

    And, maybe finding these errors and fixing them will help a little bit.. Just click on the “number” link that’s blue beside the words: 1.) Error “Line”, and it will take you down the page to the “code” of your page and show you exactly where the errors are coming from.


    It could be the extra-wide image in your Stations of the Cross Post. When I clicked on single posts the sidebar displayed as it’s meant to. Maybe try resizing htat one wide photo so it’s not so big.

    Thanks for looking and the link spencerp, at least that gives me a pointer.

    EDIT* No problem smokinmags.. =)

    @lucytartan- Thanks for pointing that out. =) I keep forgetting ALL the possiblities lmao… <slaps self> Maybe it’s because I haven’t had beer in a few months, or maybe it’s just because I’m tired and my mind isn’t functioning properly.. Yeah, I think that’s the reason… =P


    I didn’t check the validation – it’s an awfully long page and I never bother to take a look at the code of such long pages. Sorry. (As a visitor to a site I always take it as a personal offense…)
    But this:
    explains everything. It is (almost) always a too wide thing either in the content or in the sidebar.
    And you could have search – there are hundreds of post about this same issue. Every time the same mistake on behalf of the user and every time giving the same answer. Resize those pics before uploading.

    I’ve taken the photos completely off and no luck.
    I did try to search prior to posting and the only thing that came up was the issues of validation.
    I’m sorry if you find the page to long. I’d be happy to reduce it. Is there an easy way to do it with wordpress. I’ve realy just used the default set up.

    ok ive found how to reduce the number of post. maybe this will help.

    It looks like you’ve removed the whole image directory, because you also lost the background image which was there earlier today.

    I really think the one extra-wide photo was causing your problem. Try just taking that one picture out, leaving up all the others, then emptying your browser cache and reloading the page.

    I just changed the theme to see if anything would change. What I did notice was the ‘pages’ the side bar would appear. While the normal blog it was under the main text. The photo of the community house has been taken off with no change.

    Thanks for the help everyone. The issue has now been resoloved. Basically was a validation issue on one of the posts which had been indented to the left?
    I learn’t lots so it has been a good experience. I now have widgets going!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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