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Sidebar Text box background colors

  • Hello thanks for looking in… I want to change the background color in my text box (one of them) that reside in my sidebar….I parked a Gif in it instead of text and want to have a nice sky blue background behind my revolving Globe. Please advise in detail if you would.

    Does this need to be done in my CSS file or is this an independent HTML hack for each box that is hosting my gif?
    Here is my site link to check out what I am referring too.
    Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help.


    Website Commercial Producer-Home

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  • Try this CSS

    #sidebar ul li#text-4 {
     background-color: blue;

    More colour information found at

    Andrew Nevins,

    Do I just add that code in my style sheet under Sidebar?
    Or is that a replacement code in sidebar area?

    I see the #Sidebar is the area I am commanding via CSS is the Text 4 exclusive to that one box mentioned above? OR will that do every box hosting that gif?

    Or is that the area I need to Modify
    IE: Look for #Sidebar ul li #text-4 Then throw in the { background-color:blue;}?

    Thanks for the clarity


    Are you using a Child Theme, custom theme or do you have a Custom Style/CSS plugin?

    Theme zeePersonal with 11 Widgets
    You are using WordPress 3.4.1.

    With a changed background Gif

    http://www.netcommercial.net for a preview


    Can you check whether that theme uses a plugin called something like ‘Custom Style’ or ‘Custom CSS manager’?

    where do I look that up?

    zeePersonal – Theme Options


    Footer Content

    Custom CSS

    In your dashboard, is there a ‘Plugins’ area, underneath the ‘Appearance’ area?

    Yes there is a plugins area under neath the Appearance tab
    In the Appearance area is this for options bTw

    Theme Options


    Footer Content

    Custom CSS

    Andrew Got it thanks… Appreciate that. Question, I added that same text box to my Blog area and the Custom CSS did not apply to that text box over there.
    How do I know which text box to command? IE: you knew mine was
    what number text box is the one on my Blog page, if you do not mind sharing that info please?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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