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  • This not on all pages, but is on the above page (/anxiety-counseling/) and a few others.

    In the right sidebar, using Firefox, the slider text is cut off on the right edge. If I adjust the browser window ever so slightly, it corrects, but it always loads the page with the right edge of the testimonial text cut off.


    Thx for any help on this; it looks fairly unprofessional on my site so I need to get a fix asap.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author saurabhd


    Hello @gatehealing, I had checked this in our test website and checked with several other customer sites and none of the customers had reported the same. However, here is the trick for you, which will solve the issue in your website:

    Go to your Theme and open style.css file and add the below code to fix the issue on your website:

    .widget.Axl_Testimonials_Widget_Slider_Widget .testimonials-widget-testimonial {
        width: 100% !important;

    Please let me know if you still face the issue after adding this code.


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    I’ll try that. It is odd that none of your folks could replicate the issue. I had 15 of my clients try from their computers using firefox,on both laptops and desktops, and 100% of them did replicate the issue. Perhaps there is something specific to Texas that causes this to only happen in this state? I cannot imagine what that would be, but that’s all I can think of.

    That fixed that issue, but created another where now it truncates vertically (in other words, it only shows a couple of lines, then stops. But only for the first testimonial, after that, all are full length, including the first one once it cycles back around.

    Here’s a link to the screenshot:

    You’ll also notice that on the truncated testimonial on the screenshot that the words “…click here to view all testimonials” at the end is missing, as is the information about the author at the end of their testimonial.

    Plugin Author saurabhd


    @gatehealing I am sorry for the trouble. I am not able to reproduce this error. You can also check this in our demo site:

    Well, did you try to reset all the settings in Testimonials Widget? Also if there is any cache plugin you are using then just flush the cache and see if the issue still persist?

    The issue persists after flushing all caches and even turning off the caching plugin. Did you view the screenshot I provided to see that it is in fact happening?

    This seems to be a Firefox browser issue only. Unfortunately, a lot of my analytics show Firefox as the browswer used by my clients. No idea why that is the case.

    Did you test in Firefox? If you didn’t test in firefox, then you won’t replicate. I believe I specified Firefox in the original post.

    Please let me know if there are no plans to make plugin work in firefox (well, it works 99.9% for those following this thread–it’s only this one small issue).

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    Plugin Author saurabhd


    Hello @gatehealing, sorry for the trouble.

    I have tested this on the Firefox browser only. I also shared our demo url with you with a sidebar where Testimonial Slider is added.

    I would be happy to reproduce this issue on your development server and for this, you will have to mail us the website credential at

    Thanks. I’m sure we’ll get it sorted out.

    I don’t have a development/staging site, but can still email you credentials if that’s necessary after I provide this screencast:

    You can see in that screencast exactly what is happening. I hope that provides some insight that might help. Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll send in the credentials.


    Plugin Author saurabhd


    @gatehealing I understood the issue you are facing in your website but I am not able to reproduce this at our end. Please see the URL below: for testing.

    However, if you send me the credential in the given mail above then we can look.

    Plugin Author saurabhd


    @gatehealing If you are not comfortable giving the development server then please try the following things to confirm if this helps you.

    #2 Fix
    – Go to WordPress > Appearance > Themes
    – Activate WordPress theme TwentyTwelve
    – If you found the Testimonial Slider works perfectly then you have a theme conflict and should ask your themer to debug further
    – Else, apply #2 Fix

    #3 Fix
    – Go to WordPress > Plugins
    – Deactivate other plugins one at a time
    – After each deactivation, try to repeat the error. If still there, repeat #2 Fix process
    – Once you find the plugin conflict, email with the information

    Please note the above step will help you out to find out whether the issue is with Testimonial Widget plugin or theme/plugins you have on your website.

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