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  • I recently started my blog ( and would like to have a plugin in my sidebar that has the following characteristics:

    It should be a tabbed box where one can display different categories of posts. I would want something pretty much exactly like the box under the header ‘Most Popular’ on this site:

    I would also like to have four tabs (Recent Posts, Featured, Most Popular, Interviews). Ideal would obviously if I could set the rules by which the post links are given [5 most recent posts, 5 manually selected posts, 5 most popular posts wouldn’t be a problem to choose these manually too, 5 from ‘Interview’ category which I could also choose manually].

    I have spent ages trying to find a plugin that can do this and I am sure it must exist, BUT I just can’t find it.

    Can anyone help me out with this one? I’m quite new to wordpress and am still learning to find my way around…

    Thanks so much in advance!!!

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