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    I’ve been making some changes and learning CSS but for whatever reason I can’t seem to make the gray of the sidebar extend all the way down to the footer. Is this possible or does it only fill in gray with content in the sidebar?

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  • normally it does not grow vertically.

    there are some tricks to make it happen, using the height:100% property in the css, but not many people use that.

    you can have a background image running all over the ‘rap’ to make it look as if the sidebar is extended. u dont want to do that ?

    I was trying to get the same thing going and the only thing I could find that would work in most browsers was a background image that follows your color scheme. This would give the illusion of the side bar extending to the bottom.

    So in your case, you’d make an image that contains the orange-ish color on the left and the gray on the right and use that as your #RAP background.


    think thats a common workaround.
    did the same thing with a bg-image.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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