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    Hi everyone,

    If anybody can help me with this I would MASSIVELY appreciate it.

    I’ve read other people having the same issue as me, but using different themes and so the problem is slightly different (mine is a child theme of Coraline):

    My sidebar is at the bottom of the page and I don’t know how to resolve this. I have tweaked the CSS and sometimes manage to raise it to the top (by adjusting widths and margins etc.) but even when it’s resolved, it’ll look fine on a desktop/laptop, but the issue persists on mobiles and tablets.

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    So you’ve come across threads where people had duplicate/ stray <div> elements?

    The same thing applies to you.



    Forum Moderator

    the stray end tag div is probably caused by a missing opening #header div;

    the sidebar issue seems to be an CSS issue in the child theme’s style.css, as it normalizes with the child styles removed (simulated with Firefox’ web developer add-on).

    be aware that for instance any (increased) ‘padding’ is added to the size of a css element and might easily break a layout if the width of the element is not reduced accordingly.

    Thanks so much for your responses.

    I wasn’t aware padding increases the overall size of a div. So I’ve taken off padding and now everything seemed to fit.

    I want some of my page templates to have the content-sidebar layout (as I have selected now). The right sidebar (or primary sidebar) is fine – ie, with a margin about to seperate it from the nivo slider above) – but the main content div seem to have stopped responding to the CSS line instructing it have margin-top: 3%. Any idea for this?

    Also, the header image and nivo slider seem to have inexplicably moved to right… Do you know why this might be?



    Update: Have resolved the nivo slider issue…

    Ok, ignore earlier posts (sorry for the repeated posts, will try to be more concise from now on!). Here’s where I’m at:

    I’ve tried a few things and I seem to have managed to get the main content and sidebar aligned correctly. The only thing that confuses me about this, is there seems to be some invisible space between the two divs that prevents them from getting very close together without the aforementioned ‘slip to the bottom of the page’ issue. I’ve used Chrome dev tools and there doesn’t appear to be a margin on either div… If you can shed light on this I’d be very grateful.

    Secondly, having earlier resolved the nivo slider issue, it seems that it’s reverted back after resolving the main content/sidebar issue. Grrrr!


    Sorted… 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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