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  • Suddenly the sidebar which lists the categories and the about page is sitting down the end of the page/screen. Not sure why?

    Also the edge of the box, I’m using the classic theme kubrick, is also missing. Not sure why?
    here is url to see what I mean:

    please help.

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  • It’s almost defiantely because there’s either a long string of characters, like a really long URL or word, or you posted an image that’s too wide for the content area.

    Check through your most recent posts for either of those.

    I’m another admin on this site… Hi Maerk.
    we checked that and there are none on that page, though there are on a previous page but the sidebar is fine there.
    also some >> have suddenly appeared before each heading on the sidebar

    oh yes, and suddenly some of the headings like “edit” have gone red

    In addition to ‘what maerk said above -also do check for any mismatched Tags or div i.e. check if all the opening Tags & Div are closed properly.

    thanks Rok and Maerk… all fixed. it was a weird code with align lefts that sent the whole blog into confusion.
    thanks again for speedy and useful advice!!

    I’m not seeing any sidebar issues in IE or FireFox… and the “>>” you’re seeing is controlled by the stylesheet.

    I have a strange feeling that one admin might not know what the other admin’s doing in terms of design??

    Everything but your sidebar issue (which appears to be resolved) is managed by the CSS in the stylesheet.

    And the site passes validation, so there don’t appear to be any mismatched or unclosed tags…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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