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  • Take this code out of your side bar and see if it helps
    <?php wp_meta(); ?>

    I just checked and that codes not in my sidebar.php… lol could that be the problem?

    The problem is thet the content in the main colomb is too wide and the CSS is glitching.

    No that shouldn’t be the problem, I see you posted a link after I had posted the first time. Does the content of the sidebar change drastically whenever you login. Namely what does change, what doesn’t.

    nothing changes inside the sidebar, but i did notice, that if you go to this “test” post, theres a big background image to the right of the sidebar after its dropped down. Theres supposed to be the bg underneath the sidebar if you look at the search area, i dont know why it would have duplicated though…

    thanks for the quick responses!

    I forgot to mention also that this only occurs with posts, not pages… I don’t know if that helps.

    Would it have something to do with single post.php? I dont think i edited that though… I can’t figure out any other reason why it would only do it to posts when your logged out.

    ::bump:: I really need help 🙁

    Somehow I messed up my sidebar and saved the template after deleting all the content? Anyway… Can someone post the code that’s supposed to go there(the php/html)? thanks.





    you are using a theme you downloaded, a theme you created yourself, or the default theme.

    1. default theme = look at the files inside the zip
    2. a theme you downloaded = go get the theme again
    3. a theme you created: how can we possibly help??


    Go to admin area > presentation > theme editor > sidebar (bottom of list to right)

    copy the code and paste it here for me? 🙂




    I’m sorry? Im not using the theme you are — you dont seem to understand. Do your own homework, please.

    The theme don’t matter, I can just remove the extra stuff. What i need is the php code that goes there.

    I keep copies of the themes in my downloads folder on my hard drive. That way if I delete large chunks of the files on my site, or in the folder on my hard drive that is setup the same as my domain and sub-domains, I can upload an unbroken version.

    I had to do that out of self-defense as sometimes my fingers delete the wrong thing. Like I did Friday night, click, oops database gone.

    Backups are great to have around.

    So I suggest you keep copies of your themes and wp, and don’t touch them. Maybe unzip them and keep them on write once cdrs.




    well I am NOT pasting my sidebar.php on this site. In the time you have wasted here you could have already have downloaded the damn zip.

    Heres the link:

    How bullheaded can you possibly be?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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