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    I have several group pages. Each group page has its own sidebar, which means the contents of each sidebar are different. In addition, some groups need right sidebar, some need left, and some need both.

    group 1:
      (left sidebar)
       item 1
       item 2
    group 2:
      (right sidebar)
       item 3
       item 4
       item 5
    group 3:
      (left sidebar)
       item 6
       item 7
      (right sidebar)
       item 8

    Any one knows how to realize these with Suffusion theme?


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  • You are better off asking for support on the themes dedicated forum at

    What you want to do is easy. Create the sidebars as you want them in Appearance > Widgets. Then go to edit your page and ensure ‘Additional options for Suffusion’ are visible in the box below the edit pane, if not turn them on in Screen Options top right. Then just select Layout in ‘Additional options for Suffusion’ and choose whichever sidebar layout you want.

    thank you, colinsp,

    Your selection only realizes sidebar layout. How about different items for different group sidebars, which means how I can set specific items for different group sidebars. with my current knowledge, if I put item1 and item2 in sidebar 1 or sidebar 1 (bottom), and let sidebar 1 show up on the left side, every group which selects left sidebar will get item1 and item2 displayed. This is not what I want.

    What I want: Group1 (left sidebar) gets item1 and item2, and Group3 (left sidebar) gets item6 and item7. they are different. Same for right sidebar. So Different groups have different contents for their sidebars.

    If I understand you correctly you want some widgets to appear on some pages and not on others. Is this correct?

    If my assumption is correct then this is nothing to do with the theme.

    You will need a plug-in such as Widget Logic or Widget Context (there are several more).

    If I am not correct then move over to the dedicated support forum and post your url and one of us will take a look for you.

    Thank, Colinsp, then I got what I want.

    By the way, in Edit Page, there is ‘Page Attributes’ pane on the right side, which also can be used to select sidebar layout. Your suggestion ‘Additional options for Suffusion’ -> ‘Layout’ works when ‘Template’ in ‘Page Attributes’ is set as ‘Default’ with suffusion theme. So by using any way, I can get work done.

    Yes BUT Page Attributes for changing the template is deprecated the correct way is Additional Options for Suffusion > Layout.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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