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  • kjarrett


    Greetings all,

    Using Dark Maple for one of our blogs here at school:

    Sidebar is squished to the bottom of the page. I’ve done this on blogs before by posting enrty content that was too long, like a long link, but I can’t see what posting might have caused this. Am I on the right track? What makes the sidebar move to the bottom in this way?



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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Loser/Jerry Spinelli

    That’s the post doing it in IE, but from here I can’t see why just yet.



    The problem doesn’t occur in FireFox, but does in IE. I would do a search through the forum to find other posts I’ve seen about this. I’ll do some looking, too.
    P.S. I love Lemony Snicket.
    Maybe Mr. Moshu can help.

    In another post ( I found that you should reduce the size of the text input box for the comments. I did notice a large font in a comment to your post.



    Thanks Podz but I nuked that post and the sidebar is still jacked.

    JWurster, you can’t change fonts in comments, can you? Which one did you see a larfer font in?

    Thanks for the speedy replies guys!




    In another post ( I found that you should reduce the size of the text input box for the comments. I did notice a large font in a comment to your post.

    Ah I see what you are saying but this theme has not been changed from its default and the problem only recently showed up when some content was added. It has to be a posting, somewhere, I’ve seen it happen before on my personal blog using a completely different theme.




    BTW Podz I could really use your help here:

    That post refers to a mission-critical issue that could derail our use of WordPress in our school.





    The page rendering/formatting issue has been FIXED.

    A user had cut-and-pasted some bizzare piece of code into the posting window. When I viewed the HTML, the editor showed me things I’ve never seen before. I deleted the post and recreated it from scratch and all is well now.

    Kinda nutty that bad posts can whack-a-blog like this! But at least we know what to look for.

    Thanks all.


    p.s. we’re still trying to resolve the issue over at if anyone’s got a sec … thanks



    I’m having problems with an issue similar to this at

    if anyone can help me.



    yeah mine too.. i have installed 2 word press thru Fantastico so I conclude there should be no errors since it is just automatic installer.. but both installation had same view the sidebars went down.. i made a 3rd installation again but its still the same…

    yes i am also having the same problems….

    here :

    any ideas what is going on?

    i just wanted a simple blog…i am starting to think it would be quicker to just make plain old HTML pages….. 🙁




    Boy, a sticky that explains the causes of this would suuuuuuuuuure be nice, or a codex link..


    sym0n, your issue is in the robots post, I believe. Did you cut and paste from somewhere else?

    symon – I’d look at the robots.txt post or “The importance of valid HTML code” since every post goes “bold” after that. Something is screwy there.

    I am having the same problem and I am at my absolute wit’s end! The problem started after I had tried using Canvas/Kiwi and then found there were too many quirks so I went back to using regular themes. With every single theme I downloaded after that, I had the same problem with the sidebar.. and I have tried at least a dozen themes.

    I have tried uninstalling Canvas, as well as other plugins. The problem doesn’t seem to be a particular post, nor any comments (I only have one).

    Any other suggestions?

    Oh, btw, mine is doing it in firefox, NOT in IE, for what it’s worth.

    soror: Your “Brain Hemisphere Dominance” post is a cut and paste from a word processor. It inserted unfriendly formatting…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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