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  • Like so many others, my sidebar is pushed to the bottom of the page. I’ve read the other posts on this topic, and have looked through the “problem” post (the post after which the problem started) for unclosed <div> tags. I didn’t see any, but deleted the post just to be safe. That didn’t fix the problem. I will note that the text on the blog seems to have changed at the same time that the problem started, though I did NOT paste a post in from Word.

    The URL (which I saw requested on most of the similar discussions) is

    I really appreciate your help! I suspect that this is very simple, but beyond the skill of a novice like me.

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  • I’ve been reading and trying to follow the troubleshooting advice which has already been posted for this issue, and it hasn’t resolved it (I feel like the “key” may be in the font change). I don’t want to be a brainless knowledge-mooch who needs to be spoonfed, so if there’s a link or search term I need to research, I’ll be more than happy to do so.

    Still googling it, and grateful for any help I can get.

    Okay, I just found this link:

    My symptoms clearly seem to fit the first description, that there’s “something odd” going on with my fonts, as indicated by the fact that all the posts but one are suddenly in a slightly different font. Three things confuse me, though:
    1. I didn’t copy and paste anything from word, which is supposedly what causes this problem.
    2. I deleted the post which would have contained the trouble coding (the post immediately after which the problem started), and things did not improve.
    3. Since the trouble is not within the “problem post,” it may be in any of them. Is there a more efficient way to search for the coding error than by opening EVERY post and scanning its HTML?

    Changing the template DOES fix the problem, but I like my old template. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

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