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    Good afternoon everybody,

    Thanks, in advance, to anyone who can help with this issue, but I made two posts earlier today and for some reason in Firefox, my right sidebar has been pushed to the right. In IE7, everything looks fine.

    I’m using Mandigo Theme with WordPress 2.3.1.

    Can anyone give me some advice?


    The URL is

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  • I’m experiencing a similar problem with my site It doesn’t matter which theme I use, all the sidebars are messed up, especially towards the end of the page. It looks fine in IE though.

    I hope we get an answer.

    @k3200: You URL is not loading for me at all.

    @holyhabanero: your problems are most likely linked to a huge number of errors appearing in the HTML on your page.

    For example, there are no problems on your about page, this is rendering fine.

    One of your issues might have something to do with the youtube videos you’ve pasted into posts.

    As code generated by YouTube is actually invalid, you’ll find that WordPress might attempt to correct it and will get it wrong. Have a look through the plugins section and find a plugin that helps with embedding YouTube videos. shows that the content is rendering fine until it gets to the YouTube videos, whereupon all your code becomes invalid.

    Alex, you’re awesome! I removed the video links and it all looks good now. Thanks so much. Now I just need to research how to put them back without messing up my site. Thanks again.


    Can you go check again? I upgraded to 2.3.3 and the site went down for some strange reason. it’s back up now.

    I tried taking down the youtube video I had posted, but the sidebar was still messed up afterwards.


    Well the there are a number of YouTube videos in there, which are causing a lot of validation errors.

    The site layout is fine on other pages, and the overall structure leads me to believe that your theme templates and style sheets are probably ok.

    Please try removing each of the YouTube videos and seeing what happens – I’d suggest anyway to get a plugin that embeds them correctly.

    Thank you Alex for your insight. However, I took out all of the videos, and the problem still is occurring. Do you have any other suggestions?


    Ha. I don’t believe I didn’t notice this before!

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    Look at the URL link at the end of the page – it’s really long and it’s pushing everything over.

    Proof of concept:

    .entry a {display: none;}

    This removes all of the links in your .entry div’s and fixes the issue – obviously this isn’t your fix.

    Your options for preventing this from happening in the future are:

    1. Don’t put in really long link URL’s!
    2. use this css .post {overflow: auto;}

    Hope that sorts it. You can put your YouTube videos back, but I highly recommend doing so with a plugin designed for it, or else you might encounter the same issues as Holyhabanero did!

    Alex, you are a genius!

    Thanks, so much, for all of the time you put into helping me. I really appreciate it.

    I think I will put the videos back up, but I’ll grab a plug-in first. Do you have any recommendations?

    I haven’t tested any out yet, so I’ll have to leave you doing a bit of research on that one 🙂

    Glad we got it sorted.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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