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    the sidebar is being bumped underneath everything else in IE. i have been searching around for fixes, and thus far none of them have worked/were in the wrong place/combination to work. is tehre any chance anyone can take a look at it and give me any hints/help?

    thanks alot.

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  • What exactly did you try to fix it?
    Things to check on your site:
    – pictures wider than the sidebar or content width
    – links that are too long in the sidebar (e.g. your blogroll)
    – any non-WP code/script inserted in the sidebar
    Best technique: take out one by one every item you suspect it might be the cause.

    okay, well, by adding a float:left i got the page to display correctly in IE6. before doing this i removed all the non wp stuff from the sidebar (they’re all just php includes) and it made no diffrence. any ideas what might keep it from working in IE 5/5.5 but working fine in 6? thanks.

    same problem here. — where did you put the float:left?

    i added it to my .sidebar section of my css. though, that only fixed it in IE6, not 5 or 5.5

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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