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    I’ve got problems with my sidebar, I really want my sidebar to be one color and to be as long as the content page. I’m using the Mantra theme with a self-made child theme.

    Mantra gave an option (since the 1.9.9 update) to give the sidebar a color, however this doesn’t seem to work for my website. The sidebar is not the same height as the content page, because my images load AFTER the sidebar is already loaded.

    I looked through the codes of index.php, page.php etcetera, but <?php get_sidebar(); ?> is already at the bottom of the page. So that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

    The images I use are uploaded on and load after the content and sidebar are loaded. That’s why the content height gets bigger and the sidebar doesn’t follow the content(because it’s already done loading), I guess. However, the sidebar will get the right height when I refresh the page.

    It’s not an option to use less images and I already resize my images to the right size before I upload them.

    Does someone know how to help me with my problem? The website is

    I’m really sorry if this is hard to understand, English isn’t my native language, I’m Dutch. I hope you can understand my problem!


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  • Hi there,

    For your question, I believe you can do it by changing css files. I’m not familiar with the theme you are using and not sure how many options the theme provide. But the basic idea is to make the big container(the container include both the main content and sidebar) the pick? color(#FBCEB1) you are using. Then make the main content background to white. You also need to revise the the padding and margin of the main content. The double border should be the right border of the main content to make not the left border of the sidebar. Then it should be fine.

    Like this image I changed the style via firebug in firefox browser.

    I don’t really understand what the problem is — the page looks like to me, including the sidebar being the same height as the main content section. But you do have some mark-up coding errors that you may want to fix as some of them can affect the layout of the page — open, unclosed or extra or missing tags.

    I guess that’s because I’m working on it right now. 🙂 Thanks @ codingpet, your method is working!
    @ WPyogi, I will do that too, thanks a lot!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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