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  • Hello guyz

    My site blog is @

    I recently installed plugin for Adsense Deluxe one
    I hope it made the changes.

    Hmmmm my side bar is coming at the bottom of the page.
    There seems some problem with my blog.

    I am really worried
    becoz i have tried changing the themes and all but still the same problem.
    You may have a look there.

    I even backuped the data and tried on other place but i think the prob is in database since its really not working there too.

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  • Geek99 — I just checked your site and the sidebar appeared to be in the right place. I am using Safari with a 1024×768 resolution. Is it possible the internet browser you are using is of a smaller resolution, such as 800×600? This is most likely what’s causing you to see the sidebar at the bottom — there is not enough room on the screen to see everything, so some of it gets smashed to the bottom.

    To test this theory, try finding a theme the will fit in an 800×600 resolution — Kubrick is an example — and see if your sidebar is in the correct place when using that theme. If it is, them you need to adjust the style sheet in the theme you want to use so that everything fits next to each other and doesn’t get pushed down.

    For more info on how you can do this, try seraching for “CSS” or “cascading style sheets”

    I don’t know what your problem is because IE 6, Firefox and the Flock browsers all show a sidebar in the correct place, one on each side of the content section.

    where do u all see the sidebar content?

    Hmmm guyz I have tried testing many themes
    I tried a 3 coloumn theme too…

    But same problem

    Also it seems that the problem is within the database since I tried taking backup of my SQL and shifting the blog somewhere else to check out if the problem is there in blog platform or else..

    But eevn though I found the same result thru it.

    I saw the same problem there too.

    Whats more important to me right now are my posts

    I am now searching for a Plugin which may backup my databse with only the option of backing up the category of POSTs
    this way I wont be loosing my database…

    Can anyone suggest me one such plugin here.

    hmmmm I have got hosting from DreamHost and hence no CPanel and phpmyadmin

    I am seeing the main page content ie.

    The content of sidebar is being showed at the bottom of the page

    Where as if u see then u may find that here:

    The sidebar is OK

    this means that the only problem lies is at the main page

    Can I just revert the files of main page.

    Can someone guide to it…

    maybe you have to comment out some of the layout div options ?

    can u please be more open….means explain more on what u said right now.

    never mind…I was wrong!

    SO…can anyone please help me out…

    I am loosing the traffic

    please guyz help me out….really in a Big problem(according to me 🙂

    your site has changed .now what have you done?

    If it was all ok before the adsense deluxe plug in try removing that.

    I have uninstalled the plugin

    The new theme which I installed is having same problem.

    You seem to have a lot of warnings when you validate your page. Perhaps if you clean them up, your sidebar will be in the correct place. If you change to the default Kubrick theme, what happens?


    I’m having the exact same problem only on the index page everything else is fine. I have turned off all my plugins and tried using the default 2.0 theme and I get the exact same problem again. It seems to be that some of the style sheet is not getting applied. The style sheet is where is should be, I’ve changed the dynamic reference in my theme to a static refernce just to make sure and I’m getting the same problem.

    I’ve done a db dump and installed it locally on our dev server and its getting the same problem here no matter what theme I run.

    Interestingly I had not made any changes to the theme in several weeks and have not posted since yesterday afternoon when everything was fine. This morning its all funky. It is broken in all the browsers I have tested it on (FF 1.5, 1.6a, Opera, IE6, IE7b, Pocket IE, Safari). Nothing as changed server side either only my backup script running and ftping copies of the databases and all other sites down for storage.

    When validating the pages now I also get a lot of spurious errors now after updating to 2.0 but why it should suddenly break after a week of been fine with 2.0 is a mystery. Can anyone shed any light on this? At least I know its not just me now so I assume its a WP problem and not a L.A.M.P issue…

    Thanks in advance.


    Well Ok I am near to the problem actually.

    I used KIWI theme and hence it made the posts sidebar to come down
    as its the nature of that theme.

    Now I want to revert it back.
    What should I be doing now?

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