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  • My bet is the problem is caused by the large image in your one post. Either reduce it’s size or dump it altogether and see what happens.

    It is always caused by an item in the sidebar or the content area that is wider than the width of that div. E.g. a 161px image in a 160px sidebar; a 450px image in a 449px content area etc… (sometimes a hidden script in the sidebar with a long line or a very long link)
    If you are not sure – take out one by one the items until your site is fine.

    Ah, bugger it…. there’s a difference between the way IE and Fx handle padding & margins in relation to the over all size of div tags. IE uses an additive method while Fx (And every other browser out there that isn’t IE on Windows) use an inclusive method.


    Let’s say I have a div tag for my sidebar called , sidebar. And I define the width as 150px. Now, I also include a margin of 50px for the div. Fx, still sets the width of the div tag at 150px, but resizes it internaly, so that the internal size of the div tag is now reduced. IE on the other hand will ADD 50px to the width of the div tag, making it 250px (50 on the left, 50 on the right, plus the original 150px.)….. You can quickly see how this can go south on you in a heartbeat….. the solution? IE hacks (pthooey!) to make IE behave right. the website has got some tutorials on dealing with this.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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