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  • Hi,
    I included the LastFM plugin in my sidebar, having the music started each time the user loads a page on my website. The problem is that it cuts the sound and switch to another track each time the user clicks on anything on the side, which is not really usable…
    I am looking for a way to keep the sidebar fixed (no refresh) when the user clicks on a link that changes the content in the main zone of the screen. Is it possible to do it with Ajax ? Which plugin / widget does that?

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  • its possible to do it with ajax, but I think you’re suffering buzzwordism.

    you don’t just open a bottle of ajax and squeeze, unless you’re house-cleaning… it needs to be built into everything at the core level.. that’s not going to happen with a plugin.

    your best bet is to launch the player in another window – or try to find a theme which is heavily ajaxified already – it still won’t be perfect, but it’ll be better than nothing.

    Perhaps just an indication that music shouldn’t be forced on an end user?

    i found a way to do that very quickly with an Ajax framework called PrototypeJS. I just need to call the Updater() function, and the linked page is inserted in my target DIV section without reloading the page.

    … I just have one remaining problem. I have one page that contains a FLV movie played with FLV player plugin (swfobject.js), but the page accessed via Ajax wouldnt show the movie, and display an error message instead: “Get the Flash player to see this player”. I tried to include the swfobject.js in the page, but it doesnt solve the problem.
    Any idea?

    I think I remember saying something about it not being as easy as you think, to get it working flawlessly.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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