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    Hello all.

    My site.

    To my great frustration the sidebar gets pushed down to below the main column in IE. Everything displays fine in Opera and Firefox. CSS and HTML validates fine.

    The main column is set to float: left and the sidebar to float: right. Also compare my previous site where the CSS relating to width and position of the columns are identical to the one I’m having problems with.

    Please don’t make me use tables. Thank you.

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  • Just an extra note: The new site has a welcome note at the top of the sidebar that the old one does not. The problem exists whether the note is present or not.

    If you search for “sidebar down IE” and similar keywords – you’ll find hundreads of posts about the same…
    And the answers is also always the same: you have “something” in the content or sidebar area that is too wide.

    “something” can be: a pic, a long link, a long code line… etc. Also, be aware that IE calculates differently the total sum of width+indide divs width+borders+padding+margin

    I did search, and that is the answer I found every time. Problem is, I’ve already deleted everything from the sidebar and added each one seperately. None of the elements inside the sidebar is causing the problem…

    I’ll look into the margins and divs, but again, there is no real difference between the sidebar of the old and the new site.

    The answer always is: in the sidebar OR the content area. WHich means it can easily be one of your posts…

    Indeed correct you are. It was (inexplicably) a piece of text in italics in an entry. Many thanks.

    Yep. Italics in IE can behave strangely… It seems they need more space than the normal fonts.



    As the above link states, setting the element ‘overflow:visible’ to the innermost block element (i.e. narrowcolumn in most the standard wordpress template) fixes the sidebar issue in IE 6.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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