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    First off, I think it is necessary emphasize that I am no WordPress pro. I’m a self taught amateur and know little about HTML code or anything real techy. I was hired by a company and ended up running their website solely because I am the youngest at the company and they thought I would catch on quickly. After a year and a half I still consider myself an amateur.

    The site was originally designed with a sidebar that shows up the same on each page (as does most sites from what I hear). I was presented with the challenge of figuring out how to put customized sidebars on different pages. This has become quite a task. I uploaded a plugin (Content Aware Sidebars) to make this a possibility. Everything seemed to be working well, until the primary sidebar attached to the homepage was programmed to be positioned down the page as opposed to starting at the top.

    On the page that I’m trying to create a custom sidebar for (, I have the content I want, but the sidebar keeps the positioning as the sidebar on my homepage. Instead of starting down the page, I would like the sidebar on to start at the top. Is there a way to do this?

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