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  • Using WP 2.0.4 Default Theme–

    How can I “re-organize” my Sidebar? First case in point– I’d like to have my “Blogroll” follow my “Pages” – that is to say, have it appear above “Archives”, etc.

    Next I’d like to change the Sidebar “headings” — for instance “pages” to “about me.”

    Then I’d like to explore, though I’m not committed to this idea, how to have the Sidebar appear on individual pages. Is this possible? If so, how?

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  • Try editing the sidebar.php file contained within the /wp-content/themes/default/ subdirectory.

    As to getting the sidebar to display, take a look at index.php within the same subdirectory. You will note that there’s a line that looks something like this:

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    That’s the bit that calls the contents of the sidebar. For that theme, it’s at the bottom of the index.php file. You’ll need to add that in to the pages.php file for it to display on your pages.

    For that specific theme, I believe the page content is contained within a div labeled either widecolumn or narrowcolumn. Whatever it’s called in the index.php file, you’re going to have to rename it to that in the page.php file. That will match up how the page is laid out.

    Hope this helps,

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