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  • your link is redirecting to

    not sure what’s up with that.

    Otherwise, sidebars often appear on default page templates but not on full width page templates. Could be the issue.



    Could you change the width of #Primary in your child them style sheet. It might be too wide.



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    this post ‘Something Different’ has several, possibly three, unclosed divs somewhere in the content, i.e. several missing </div>

    double-check the post content, using the hml setting of the post editor.



    Thank you alcymyth!!! Problem found. You just made my day 🙂

    Sorry but your code is over complicated ie structure, too many empty h1 tags, css in the html…..can you clean it up please?

    so long since I’ve hosed a sidebar through junk code, I forgot that can be an issue. The Sweeper stikes again!

    Okay, I’m sorry in advance. But I’ve searched and been searching for an answer to my issue with the same problem here. I’ve tried ditching any images too wide, and content too wide. Javascript that wasn’t complete, etc. But I still can’t figure out why my main sidebar is ending up at the bottom of my homepage. I’m hoping someone smarter than I will see what’s going on here!

    My site is

    Any feedback would be appreciated!



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    @mnhousewives: Please post your own topic.

    Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe I finally found a thread on this topic that wasn’t closed!!! Thank you! I’m begging for help. My sidebar is going to the bottom on certain pages or certain categories. When I click on the post itself, sidebar is fine. I have put my posts into categories, like tabs that run across the top. There is no one post that is messing it up. If you check all the tabs, and the pages, you’ll see sometimes the sidebar is fine with a post and sometimes it’s at the bottom with that same post. ???

    here’s the link

    The home page is a problem and I’m almost positive it wasn’t before. When you scroll down on the home page, you’ll see some posts get really wide. If you click on the post, it will all come up fine. And it’s not just the home page. I can not find any pattern to source the problem.
    A big huge thank you to anyone who can help me!:)

    Claudia – you need to start your own thread if you need help. Old topics are not the place to post – that’s often why they get closed – it does not work well to have multiple people in the same thread. Please see:

    That said, since you are using the Weaver theme, you will likely get the best help on the theme’s dedicated forums here:

    OKay. Thanks. I read that entire page about how to post. Still didn’t find a place to post.


    At the top of every forum page (right next to the forum title – i.e. “How To and Troubleshooting”) there is a button “Add New” – click on it.

    Or scroll to the bottom of any forum page and you will see the form “New Topic in Forum.”

    THank you. I’ll go look again.

    in my experience here on the forums i’d have to say it’s a plugin, incompatible theme (update needed) or, a template edit that isn’t working as expected. Sometimes code in a text or php widget can mess up body class css too.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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