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  • would anyone know how to fix a sidebar that shows up wayyy down at the bottom in IE? but shows up perfectly fine in firefox?

    Any fixes for this that anyone can think of. I’d post the url so you could see but don’t wanna spam it..


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Without a url, there could be many many causes.

    Mines the same, but I’m guessing it’s my skin (K2 with MIna style). Just don’t know the darn fix for it!

    You can have my URL! Need all the help I can get lol :o)

    Still needing the IE fix :o/ is my URL, Now look how the sidebar menu is fine and at the top in FireFox & WAAAAAAAAAY down low in IE…

    Any suggestions on what to try would be great!

    Without even looking at any of the sites in IE I’d bet there is something too wide either in the sidebar or in the content area of the blog.
    It could be an image, a long link, some hidden code (it happens often with counter codes) etc.
    If you have a sidebar of 100px and it has a pic of 95px, but also there is 1pxborder (=2px on two sides) a padding of 2px on both sides = final result is 101px… and the sidebar goes down in IE 🙂

    well I did check that moshu, you could very well be right, but i though the sidebar was 175px wide and the widest thing I have placed in the sidebar is 120px wide.

    I’ll try removing that banner and see what happens

    Ok you are right, It’s not an image but the syndication links that the mod subscribe me does.

    It tell me that as long as wp_meta is called it should automatically show up. But it doesn’t, so if i want it to show up then i must put <?php the_subscribe_links(); ?> to make it show up.

    I’ll try a few things and let ya’s know how it goes.

    lol, got it to work. I’m sorry, i’m very slow in the brain, it was jut a missing > on a <br> that was making it think two thing were trying to be posted side by each 😉

    Ilione — I think your search input box is too wide. Try making it narrower.

    Already checked sidebar content for nortie pushers but my only pic is far narrower than the sidebar which is set to percentages…

    Looking very closely at the CSS though, I found an IE fix set to _width: 28%; Which changed to 23% (slow deduction) solved the problem!

    Many thanks


    jabecker, it seems to have shrunk with the percentages also! Thanks for taking time to look though :oD

    Glad you’re sorted ph33r!


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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