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  • Hi guys, on my website i have a simple google ad displayed on the side bar. The only problem is that on some pages when the content doesnt go down very far, The google adds end up centered in the middle of the page, how do I make it so that it stays in the sidebar?

    Heres a page on my website that does that:

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  • Are you sure that you put it in sidebar.php and not in archive.php?

    yeah i put it in sidebar.php… i cant figure out whats wrong with it.



    First validate the code, I noticed an extra </li> that did not seem to be open. Then if it still is wrong, make sure it is in the sidbar and not the footer.php and inside the <div>. If all this is true you might want to edit the coded in the script which states <center> to right.

    Ah thank you. I didnt think to put it inside the div tags, i just put it in the sidebar.php. Also just out of curiosity, how did you see the phpcode?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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