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  1. blondee53
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Blog shows up perfectly in Firfox, Google Chrome but NOT INTERNET EXPLORER

    I am such a novice at WordPress that I need step-by-step help with no assumptions I know any language cause I don't. The theme is MyBlog.

    I don't know how long this has been but it needs to be corrected


  2. Wow. You have the most code validation errors I have ever seen. What you should do is look for a free theme that is XHTML valid and then your site will display right in all browsers. You can download and install a new theme from your Dashboard/Appearance/Add New Themes. You won't loose any of your posts. Also see UsingThemes.

  3. blondee53
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Songdogtech, all i can say is 'woe-is-me'. I have no idea what i did wrong whether it be my plug-ins or what...why would i have so many errors...the theme is MyBlog and it is a free one from WordPress...I really need some help? I have changed themes and then i have to start all over again with the header and footer and RSS and subscribe etc etc....everything is ok in all other browsers so is there a way to correct all my validation errors?

  4. Well, try this: disable all your plugins for a few minutes and see if it looks better in IE. If it does, enable one or two at a time and see when it changes in IE. Then look for an update for that plugin. Have you looked for an update for your theme, too?

  5. blondee53
    Posted 5 years ago #

    yes, I am looking for a new theme using your suggestion of Xhtml and I will try the disable stuff...but i thought of something: I use NVU as a copy and paste from Word Document instead of directly onto my wordpress because it allows my colorful fonts instead of having to re-do them is I use the copy+paste platform that the dashboard has...wonder if this would be causing the errors?

  6. Yea, you know, that could be it (embarrassed smile here). You have to cut and paste from plain text, like Notepad, rather than Word.

    With the posts on ypur main page, try cutting your text out of the WordPress editing window, paste it into NotePad, save it as plain text, then cut it out of NotePad back into WordPress.

    Use HTML mode, too, to see that you have plain text. You'll have URLs for images, but everything else should be plain text.

  7. blondee53
    Posted 5 years ago #

    it's okay I just thought of this NVU thing because of the html errors...but I think I am going to download a new theme and just begin typing from Word. The Dashboard has availablility to copy paste from Word Document and then adjust it there vis-a-vis colors and fonts..etc

    but you have been very helpful

  8. Hope it all works out. I've read mixed reviews of the paste from word command, but try it. There are lots of free themes that look good and produce valid code.

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