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    Hello everybody,

    I’m currently working on a company’s website and can not believe i haven’t yet started a topic on here myself. I’ve been desperately messing with this problem for literally days, very long days and nights without solution.

    I’ve passed the deadline, and within 4 hours the site needs to be on-air completely functioning to the coming customers (The company has already shared the Flyers and Invitations), One could not imagine how happy i am once this is solved, and especially within the next few hours as it’s becoming morning already.

    Sidebar isn’t showing up on WooCommerce product pages, the Shop page and whatever page is from WooCommerce.

    Theme i’m using:
    Goodlayers Delicieux – Which can not support me in this manner since i’ve inserted the WooCommerce content loop and followed this instructions.

    I can’t seem to find the problem in my css file, neither in my functions.php or single-product.php / archive / content pages from Woo.

    Also i’ve already copied the woocommerce files to my template.
    I’ve tried the WooSidebars plugin which also didnt work.
    I’ve tried the Simple Side Bar plugin which also didnt work and a lot of other fixes and attempts from the internet.

    I’m totally, really completely lost and more stuck then i’ve ever been on this one..

    Thanks in advance for any help given!

    The url of the website i’m working on:

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  • Note: I have some sort of idea it has to do with the " twelve-colums" when you inspect the element through Firefox.

    I’ve figured some useless styles in my css probably from an old plug-in, deleted the classes but still no luck with the sidebar.

    Plugin Author James Koster



    If the them has some kind of WooCommerce preperation built in you will really need to talk to the author directly to resolve this.

    Otherwise you could try one of the methods described here:

    You should be able to fix this easily using the “Using woocommerce_content()” method.

    Hi James, thanks for your reply!

    As far as i know the theme doesn’t have any WooCommerce preparation in it! So far i’ve manually edited my way through it with all kind of methods and reversed these if they did not work – And one of those things is as mentioned using the woocommerce_content() method.

    I’m using it already inside “woocommerce.php” in my theme’s subdir “woocommerce” (holding Woo’s template files)

    Plugin Author James Koster



    You don’t need to put it in a subdirectory. In fact I think it might not work if you do that. Just leave woocommerce.php in the root dir of your theme.

    Sorry, i mend i’ve got the “woocommerce.php” in my theme’s root dir.
    Also got the /woocommerce folder in it.


    Sidebar now showing up – but BELOW content.

    I solved the problem of the sidebar not showing up/displaying/working on woocommerce pages – However now it’s displaying it below the content on woo’s pages.

    How i solved the “sidebar not showing up”?
    The “woocommerce” file contained some faulty symbols in the first lines which calls the sidebar class so this probably couldn’t have been noticed or fixed by you guys..

    For people having this particular problem in Goodlayers themes where the classes are usually started with “gld-” you’d need to do a slightly different modification to make Woo display correctly as with most theme’s. (if you also still need to do this, or have a sidebar problem after doing that, continue reading)

    After doing that and a hundred other things at the same time, i must’ve overseen some important character mistakes such as ` and having the sidebar class as a comment.

    This is why it did not function:

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    		// Check and get Sidebar Class
    		//$sidebar = get_post_meta($post->ID,'page-option-sidebar-template',true);*/		$sidebar = ‘left-sidebar’; // left-sidebar, both-sidebar or no-sidebar
    		$sidebar_array = gdl_get_sidebar_size( $sidebar );
    	<div class="page-wrapper single-page <?php echo $sidebar_array['sidebar_class']; ?>">
    			//$left_sidebar = get_post_meta( $post->ID , "page-option-choose-left-sidebar", true);
    			//$right_sidebar = get_post_meta( $post->ID , "page-option-choose-right-sidebar", true);	$left_sidebar = sidebar;$right_sidebar = right-sidebar;			
    			echo '<div class="row">';
    			echo '<div class="gdl-page-left mb0 ' . $sidebar_array['page_left_class'] . '">';
    			echo '<div class="row">';
    			echo '<div class="gdl-page-item mb20 ' . $sidebar_array['page_item_class'] . '">';
    			// page content			global $gdl_item_row_size;

    As you can see it’s clearly my mistake here by making some functions a comment, and because the link mentioned above from Goodlayers contained the same characters used for “CODE” content ( ` ) when posting a reply here on in it’s tutorial to create the template files. So replace these by .

    That solved that matter – However i still need help with the sidebar displaying below the content although i’ve readed many topics regarding that problem while searching for a solution for the not showing up part.

    Thanks in advance!


    I’ve fixed the sidebar showing up below the content. However, it’s not the solution i want.

    Since this widget was at top in the sidebar,
    Replaced “WooCommerce Predictive Search” widget to the bottom of the sidebar.

    Must be something going wrong when having the Predictive search at the top of the widgets, no clue what tho.


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