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  • The sidebar on some of my pages aren’t displaying properly after adding a real estate related wordpress plugin data to the page. Is it possible to alter the attributes of the themes default template (used to display real estate) on the site? The site is If you were to click on any of the home listings on the site, you will see two widgets sitting at the bottom of the page. (added to the sidebar, but showing at the bottom of the page)

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  • I see two widgets on all pages in the footer. Perhaps this is the default sidebar (widget area) when using a full width template?

    That said, where did the theme come from? It’s a child theme of a commercial theme? Have you sought out support from the theme provider?

    We have access only to theme’s from WPORG, and per forum rules ask that you seek support from theme vendor/provider.

    I did seek support from the theme provider. They told me that they can’t help with software that changes the template and that there was nothing wrong with the template.

    I spoke with the company that gave me the wordpress plugin (software). Of course they said it was the template that needed to be adjusted and the software is working fine.

    Now when I contact WordPress, Im told that you can only help with themes from

    Im at a loss.

    The widgets that I put in the footer have nothing to do with the sidebar or the sidebar not functioning properly.

    If you take a look at the page , you’ll see the sidebar on the right, displayed properly after I put some info on the page. Then if you were to click on either of the house listings on the left, you’ll find that the sidebar that’s supposed to be on the right side of the page has fallen to the bottom of the page.

    Is there a way to alter the default template page? My sites default template page is the page that automatically comes with a sidebar.

    Semper Fi

    Did you also notice that these two widgets on your practice page drop to the bottom when we reduce the viewport width to less than about 1062 pixels?

    Also, the page that is created by your IDX plugin, creates a full width page, there is no room for the widgets. These pages are dynamically created through your theme and the IDX listing plugin. It is a combination of the theme and the plugin causing this.

    Both are commercial products.

    I have some familiarity with this theme and the grid based framework in use – for example the page being output is using a shortcode similar to [grid_9 right], which when used in the page setup to output the idx listings controls varying aspects of the CSS classes and id’s.

    Also, this is the body tag on this page:

    <body class="page page-id-1390693353 page-template-default dsidx" style="">

    So it is a page, it is a page_id of 1390693353, it is using the default page template and also added to to the body class is dsidx

    How that is all done, a combination of body classes, CSS, from both a theme and a plugin, need to be addressed individually by someone overly familiar with how such a site is setup.

    So, I feel your grief on the appearance of some run around, but none of it is. Please take the time to fully understand how all this works (or hire an expert).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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